CLOAK is different to other watches. Here are some instructions to guide you through getting set up and maintaining your watch.


In your box you will find a body and at least one bezel, face and set of straps.

Attaching the straps

  1. place the end furthest from the bar into the watch body
  2. slide the bar downwards
  3. align end adjacent to bar with watch body
  4. release bar
  5. check the strap is connected by gently pulling the end

Attaching the face and bezel

  1. place your chosen face on the body and gently spin to allow it to "catch" on the magnet.
  2. place the bezel on the face and rotate until it drops down.
  3. rotate the bezel clockwise until it has "clicked" twice.

The bezel will drop down when the 12 o'clock marker (the circle) is at aligned with 11.30 on the body.

Another way to check is to look at the crown on the side - line the left side of the bezel notch up with the left side of the crown.

Setting the time

Once the watch is assembled, pull out the crown and rotate to move the hour marker.

If you need to wind the clock backwards it is best to overshoot and set the time whilst winding forwards. This will ensure the time is as accurate as possible.

Caring for your watch

The CLOAK body and movement is splash resistant. However we would recommend keeping the faces dry.